Branding & Digital


The Guardsman Group has lead the security services industry in Jamaica for 30+ years–establishing the precedents that others now follow. With plans for expansion overseas, this Caribbean company needed to show that it could be as sophisticated, as clever, and as competent as any potential global rival...or even more so.


The Group consists of over 13 companies, with 4 main companies each offering a separate security service. It became clear that we'd need not only to position the Group as the tech-savvy authority on holistic safety and well-being–we'd need to ensure that its audience could distinguish between each brand. The result? An overarching brand and digital content strategy that included a showpiece of a website, social media integration, revisions to logos and identities, and videos that established each brand's voice.

  • Website Design

  • Guardsman Limited Video Advertisement

  • Guardsman Armoured Video Advertisement

  • Guardsman Group Promotional Video Advertisement

  • Guardsman Alarms Video Advertisement

  • Marksman Limited Video Advertisement

  • Guardsman Armoured Logo Redesign

  • Guardsman Limited Logo Redesign

  • Guardsman Alarms Logo Redesign

  • Marksman Logo Redesign